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LAND is an Innovative SME

LAND, for about 20 years now, has identified and pursued the creation and sale of vertical software solutions in the sector of document security and management and in the treatment of digital signatures. Furthermore, it specializes in the sale of hardware solutions related to the printing, digitization and dematerialization market and Rugged PCs, particularly used by utilities and in military contexts operating in the area.
It boasts an important software development laboratory focused in particular on the management and sizing of the architectures assigned to the processing of document flows. Analysis of the document both digital and paper and applicability of laws and rules, as well as the definition of those necessary for a correct treatment of the information deriving from them are the basis of one's daily commitment. 
LANDis certifiedISO9001:2015,ISO/IEC 27001:2013, iSO/IEC 27017:2015and ISO/IEC 27018:2019.
LANDobtained the legality rating with proceeding n.RT7298.
Between 2016 and 2017,LANDshe was mentioned in twoMarket GuidesOfGartner, the world's largest strategic technology research and advisory firm. In the "Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection” by Gartner on October 10, 2016 and in the “Market Guide for Electronic Signaturesby Gartner on January 16, 2017. Gartner has anticipated that some eSignature service providers, includingLAND, will be able to innovate and expand their business, especially in the European market, where the RegulationeIDAS(electronic IDentification Authentication and Signature) is encouraging the widespread use of Electronic Signatures.
It owns one of the most qualifiedCompetence Centerfor technical-legal advice on digitization issues.

Educational qualifications and CV

The two partners have a three-year degree in education sciences and a high school diploma.
Both had decades of work experience in important multinationals before founding LAND. The administrator has held managerial positions in various multinationals, where he has achieved very important commercial results. 
In the SW development laboratory there are over 20 resources who have 4 master's degrees in engineering, 1 three-year degree in engineering and 9 high school diplomas with a technical focus;
The Management Control Manager has a master's degree in "General Management: Management of Innovation" and has various work experiences, the last of which, before joining LAND, was in Deloitte.
Some of the most significant technical CVs among those present in the company are listed below:

Chief Operating Officer and MKT

He has 33 years of experience designing complex document systems.

He is registered in the ANORC PROFESSIONS list as an "Expert" level digitization professional and is responsible for the conservation service and responsible for the archival function for IGT Lottery (formerly Lottomatica). As an "Expert" he participates in the work of the FIS subcommittee (signatures, identity, electronic seal and related services) on digital signatures, electronic identities, electronic seals and related services of UNINFO (Italian standardization body UNI). He has a degree in education sciences and a Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic for Industrial Merits.

ICT manager

Twenty years of experience in the field of system and network security. computer engineering graduate participated as technical manager in the European projects eMORE – MOnitoring and REporting online hate speech in Europe, e-SIGNED (Secure Imprint GeNErated for paper Documents - FP7-SME-2010-1), as manager he managed the research funded by the Lazio Region "Router Fax - an innovative system for automatic sorting of faxes in large complex organizations". 

Software Development Manager

Information engineer specialist for about twenty years, responsible for software development in LAND. He participated as coordinator in the E-Cedolino project which allowed an annual saving, for the MEF-DAG, of over 40 million euro. Furthermore, it participated in the digitization and safety project of the Italian Official Gazette.

Head of Competence Center

Engineer who performs technical and legal support tasks on digital dematerialization issues, electronic governance in the PA, ICT security in systems and infrastructures. Support for the production of graphometric signature systems compliant with the legislation on advanced electronic signature, digital identity and digital preservation. Technical/legal management consultancy on the same issues.

He has had important experiences ranging from teaching in various Italian universities, including SDA Bocconi, the Statale of Milan and the Sapienza of Rome to the accreditation and control of companies that intend to operate as Digital Signature certifiers or as Certified Electronic Mail managers .

He also currently holds the presidency of ANORC (National Association for Operators and Managers of the Custody of Digital Contents).

Among the many positions held over the years, he has been:

  • technical support to the Legislator on ICT innovation issues.

  • consultant of Public Administrations for the safe use of network services and for the integration of digital signatures and certified e-mails in internal and external document flows.

  • co-author of the technical regulations on digital signatures, document conservation and identity documents including the National Services Card (CNS).

  • member of the working group responsible for amendments to the Digital Administration Code (until 30 April 2010).

  • designer with the Lombardy Region and Lombardia Informatica of the CNS.

  • member of working groups on the electronic identity card, on the national services card, on the dematerialization of IT documents and on ICT security in the Public Administration.

  • responsible for disseminating the Access Cards (CIE/CNS) to the services provided online by the PA.

  • Institutional consultant for 9 years of the Lombardy Region for the CRS-SISS project, precursor of the Health Card and National Service Card.

  • member of numerous working groups of the CNIPA in the field of innovative technologies including the security certification of ICT systems and biometric systems.

  • member of the "Permanent Technical Commission for the Verification of Microcessors" and of the "Permanent Technical-Scientific Committee" within the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) project.

  • responsible for the framework contract for the supply of CNS to Public Administrations.

He has published about 130 articles on the topics of digitization and ICT security.

Professional relationships

LAND is part of the Cyber Security Competence Center for Industry 4.0 funded by the MiSE and promoted by many Italian universities including La Sapienza, Tor Vergata and LUISS.
He often collaborates with the CNR Istituto di Calcolo Mauro Picone in Rome.
LAND has one of the most qualified Competence Centers for Technical-Legal Consulting on digitization issues. Our Customers use it to untangle issues related to Electronic Signatures, Electronic Seals and Digital Document Conservation.
Furthermore, LAND maintains consolidated working relationships with the most important multinationals in the ICT sector.

List of Patents

  1. SecurePaper: the present invention is placed in the sector of the security of digital and hybrid documents with affixing of digital signature and management of both digital and printed versions.

  2. Single Original Document (DOU): document designed to be used both within pure digital processes and in printed form. The document is equipped with a QRCode barcode, the data inside of which allows the document to be retrieved in a secure and unambiguous manner.

  3. Public Document Status Verification (PDSV): this program allows an innovative way to manage the status of individual documents.

Number of Employees

There are 15 employees and 17 collaborators, for a total of 32 resources divided between technical staff, administrative staff and sales staff.
A merger between LAND and the subsidiary D.LAND is being completed, for which many of the collaborators will become employees.


Research and Development activities carried out

Below are some of the projects carried out in recent years divided into funded and unfunded projects.


  • LAND participated in the MiSE project called Trust for Food (T4F), Concession Decree Prog. N. F/200071/03/X45 CUP B71B20000770005 COR 2155577 of 1/7/2020, with a duration of 24 months. Trust for Food is a research and development project in the field of application sectors consistent with the National Strategy of Intelligent Specialization (SNSI) Agrifood. The Trust for Food Project had the objective of creating a system that would provide the guarantee of the uniqueness of a product and the certain traceability of the operations carried out in the production systems of the food chain, for each individual product package. 

  • LAND participated, as a Technological Partner, in the European Horizon 2020 project called eMORE – MOnitoring and REporting online hate speech in Europe lasting 24 months (2017/2018) in the context of projects to prevent and combat racism, xenophobia, homophobia and other forms of intolerance.

  • Between 2011 and 2013, LAND participated, as Manager and Coordinator, in the European Project (7th Framework Programme) called SIGNED (Secure Imprint GeNerated for PapEr Documents). In addition to LAND, two other European SMEs (Bit Oceans for Spain and GSI for the United Kingdom) and two research centers (University of Tor Vergata for Italy and Gradiant for Spain) participated in the project.

  • In 2010, LAND, in collaboration with the CNR-IAC (Mauro Picone Calculus Institute) and the University of Tor Vergata, developed VirtualParent, a parental control program for MSN chats, financed with regional funds from FILAS.

  • In 2007, LAND participated in Research and Development activities with Intesa/San Paolo at the Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB) of the Polytechnic of Turin, which had as its objective the digital redesign of the "Cartless Banking Branch".


  • "Single Original Document" DOU with which it was intended to develop an innovative method of generating hybrid documents (manageable with the same level of security in both digital and analog) digitally signed using standard QR Code two-dimensional graphic codes (ISO/IEC 18004 :2006).

  • FEA model (Advanced Electronic Signature), which can also be used with mobile devices, a new and innovative model that uses a software layer made up of experimental algorithms, also with the use of the Glyph, which will allow applying a FEA without using the techniques and technologies currently at the state of the art (such as graphometrics), but at the same time simplifying the affixing process and responding to current regulations.

  • Public PDSV (Public Document Status Verification) with which an innovative method has been developed, like the CRL (Certification Revocation List of QTSPs [formerly Certification Authority] used to manage the status of Qualified Electronic Signature Certificates), which allows monitoring and the management of the states (status) of the individual documents circulating even outside the digital compendiums of the Clients.

  • Sign Automation or Automation of Signatures for the management of complex Signature Cycles. In particular, the research activities have addressed the management of signature chains with the abstraction for activities concerning the cryptographic object (which is already at the state of the art), but using the concept of willingness to subscribe in a more ample. The research focused on the intermediate control activities when the various objects leave and re-enter a controlled digital context (internal or external to the issuing subject).

firma pon.jpeg

List of Patents

In 2021, LAND incurred costs for research and development activities for an amount equal to € 344,023.00, as, moreover, results from page 30 of 34 of the financial statements as at 12.31.2021 filed with the Rome Chamber of Commerce on 07.22.2022 with protocol PRA/284134/2022 CRMAUTO.
The requirement pursuant to article 4, paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree 3/2015, for the qualification of "INNOVATIVE SME” is therefore satisfied as the research and development expenses are equal to or greater than 3% of the greater of the cost and the total value of production, as shown by the underlying values:
A.    research and development costs: €344,023
B.    the higher of production cost and value: €5,175,300

Ratio between A and B = 6.65%






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