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ISO 9001 - Quality

LAND has certainly adopted a good Quality Policy, but in this particular moment it is important to contact our. attention to the facts we are experiencing to understand if and how we must act to understand and face the change that the pandemic is imposing on us, activating the necessary countermeasures, the necessary new ways of living and working.

ISO 9001


For LAND, the quality of products and services has always been fundamental and for this reason it is ISO 9001: 2015 certified (IAF / EA Categories 29, 33 and 35) for:


  • Trade, rental, technical assistance and outsourcing of machines, products and office furniture (IAF29)

  • Software development. Integration of IT systems (IAF33).

  • Provision of professional services to support the creation of information systems. Scanning of documents for third parties (IAF 35).

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