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EX DL 231 - Management

Procedura Whistleblowing

According to the provisions of the Italian legislation on the “liability of entities for administrative offenses depending on a crime” contained in the legislative decree no. 231 (hereinafter, "Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2001"), associative bodies - including joint-stock companies - can be held responsible, and consequently sanctioned in a pecuniary and / or disqualifying way, in relation to certain crimes committed or attempted - in Italy or abroad - in the interest or to the advantage of the same.

Ex 231


In relation to this, LAND approved on 11/06/2013 the adoption of an organization, management and control model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2001 (hereinafter, “Model 231”) and established the related Supervisory Body, entrusting it to external consultants who are supported internally by the Administration and Finance Director.

On the basis of this adoption, LAND has given itself a Code of Ethics that inspires all its activities to respect the ethical and moral values of honesty, transparency and correctness.

The Company operates in the firm belief that only a correct and ethically oriented conduct of business can lead the company to success in the medium-long term. It therefore rejects and sanctions unfair working methods, guaranteeing in every direct or indirect negotiation with customers, suppliers and clients, an integrity, transparent and diligent action, always professional.

All LAND activities must be carried out in compliance with laws, regulations and collective bargaining, in compliance with the rights of third parties, employees, shareholders, commercial and financial partners and in general of anyone involved in the Company's activities.

All those who work for and with LAND, without distinction and exception, are committed to observing and enforcing these principles in the context of their duties and responsibilities.

The conviction of acting in the interest and / or to the advantage of the Company cannot justify for anyone the adoption of behaviors that are in contrast with these principles or with the ethical norms referred to in the Code, as well as simply different from the procedures and protocols that govern the activities. business. Even less can the same conviction justify or even encourage any illegal activity in general or the commission of any crime.

Therefore, top management as well as employees, consultants and partners, in addition to fulfilling the duties of loyalty, correctness and good faith, must refrain from actions contrary to ethical standards and abide by the precepts of the Code of Ethics.

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