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LAND sustainability

Environmental labeling of packaging

Legislative Decree 116/2020, which will come into force on January 1, 2023, stipulates that all packaging must be appropriately labeled to facilitate its collection, reuse, recovery and recycling, as well as to give correct information to consumers about its final destinations. The regulations stipulate that such labeling must be carried out in the form and manner that the company deems most suitable and effective for achieving the objective; they also stipulate that, consistent with the process of technological innovation and simplification and in order to ensure compliance with the principles of the free movement of goods guaranteed by the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, the use of digital channels is always permitted. In line with the above, LAND provides information regarding the nature of packaging materials used, based on Commission Decision 97/129/EC, as well as their final destination by request by pressing the contact us button at the end of this page.

Who Are We

Reduction of environmental impact

We are minimizing the impact of our operations and our customers on the environment by keeping materials in use longer and minimizing waste by transforming the way we use materials in our products, supplies, packaging and operations.

Furthermore,LAND, to carry out its technical assistance interventions, uses FIAT Panda Hibrid means of transport financed byFSC - Fund for Development and Cohesion of the Lazio Region - Lazio Innovatethrough the announcement "SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT".

Against this investmentLANDhas had your application acceptedProt. n. LN8-2021-070717, which was admitted to Contribution with DeterminationNo. G11506 of 09/27/2021.


Responsible company

We are a responsible company, with measures in place for our social responsibility in terms of impact on the environment, respect for human and labor rights, ethics and sustainable sourcing.

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