We've been signing since ever, we were not even adults
and were signing digitally in the Cloud for about 200 million times a year.
Now that we have 24 we'll entertain you even more...

Sign Different

Happy Sign

The new way to use glyphs, to sign, mark, store and forward documents in a so simple way...

The shifting to the digital mode is necessary and obligatory. LAND has developed a friendly approach to signature technologies. Few people know that if you digitally sign a document you are obliged to respect the procedures that make the document valid over time, the risk is that the digitally signed document, after a few months, loses legal validity...


Thanks to the innovative technologies designed by LAND now you can stop worrying about the security of your information. In fact, you can safely handle...

Digital Preservation

CDeS is the solution for the management of the "Digital Preservation" process that allows the storage of digital documents and the dematerialisation...

TinaGo Search
Search Engine

Organizations know that today it is necessary to build on their wealth of knowledge in order to grow. The Knowledge Management is now one of the most complicated...


The new LAND product called "HappySignWeb" uses the Glyphometric Signature (perfectly in line with current Italian and European regulations) and the WorkFlow Automation technologies

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Gartner, Market Guide

LAND, specialized company in the Document Security solutions using SecurePaperTM technology, has been mentioned in the new “Market Guide for…

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Ex DL 231 - Management

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ISO 27001 - Safety

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ISO 9001 - Quality

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